The Enthusiasts go skinny dipping

New playful work for a playful little brand, Graze Skinny Dipped Almonds, has just launched from strategic and creative agency The Enthusiasts.

Part of the James Crisp Ltd portfolio, Graze Skinny Dipped Almonds is a range of roasted almonds coated with a ‘skinny’ layer of chocolate.

The product launched last year and has shown good growth in Foodstuffs channels, where it’s exclusively available.

Carey Wilken, General Manager Own Brands at James Crisp, says: “This campaign is about encouraging consumers to discover and try Graze Skinny Dipped Almonds. It’s the perfect product, fundamentally healthy, but with a layer of chocolate to make it delicious. Once people try them, they are hooked!”

Martin Yeoman, Strategy Partner at The Enthusiasts, adds: “People that have discovered Graze Skinny Dipped Almonds have absolutely taken it to heart. They ascribe character and personality to the product, and we wanted to bring this to life.”

The creative idea is built around the phrase “just the right amount of naughty”, says Jamie Hitchcock, Creative Partner at The Enthusiasts.

“It sums up the inherent goodness in the product, coupled with the choc-ky temptation. We wanted to create a sassy, playful character that gets our audience and their relationship with snacks. There’s a great attitude and tone coming through – who doesn’t love an almond with a skin-tight lycra covering of chocolate?”

The sweet, charming campaign includes outdoor and video on demand.


Agency: The Enthusiasts

Media: The Enthusiasts

Client: James Crisp

Carey Wilken – General Manager Own Brands

Marketing Manager – Kylie Tipene

Marketing Manager – Melanie Taylor

Animation: Flux

Audio: Liquid

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