Boundary Road’s Brewniversity offers a bachelor of beer

With hefty student loans and a growing consensus among international businesses that undergraduate degrees aren’t necessary for entry-level jobs, some are beginning to question whether dedicating three years to a single certificate is really worthwhile.

Fortunately, Boundary Road’s Brewniversity offers an alternative. And the best part is that it only takes five minutes to complete the exam. 

Boundary Road has launched a new campaign, via Barnes, Catmur & Friends, involving a “brewniversity” where “students” can enrol by entering their details at the brewniversity.co.nz website then answering a series of questions about ales, lagers and pilseners.

Graduates from Brewniversity then earn themselves the chance to win one of five $1,000 “scholarships,” which are in actual fact just cold hard cash.

Those who pass the exam receive a certificate showing their bachelor of beer so, according to Boundary Road, you can “call your Mum and proudly tell her she can take the fake one down”.

Graduates also receive a unique code that qualifies them for a 15 percent discount on all  purchases at Boundary Road’s online shop.

Advertising agency, Barnes, Catmur and friends, who were behind the campaign, say “University is generally a waste of the student’s time and the public’s money, not to mention the wanton destruction of sofas” so Brewniversity was born to help students secure a degree “without having to pretend to be interested in subjects greyer than an accountant’s underpants”.

Over 70 graduates are included in the Brewniversity yearbook along with beer adapted aphorisms shared by “graduates” that “beauty is in the eye of the beerholder” and “to beer or not to beer, there is no question”.

Another graduate invoked the wisdom of famous Springfieldian beer swiller Homer Simpson who said, “beer, now there’s a temporary solution”. 

The Brewniversity campaign follows other smart campaigns for the craft beer maker, such as last year’s beer census, which earned best Newspaper Ad last August for Barnes, Catmur and Friends.

The craft beer industry has grown significantly in New Zealand, with consumers reaching out for more sophisticated offerings than traditional ales or lagers, as illustrated in ANZ’s craft beer insights report released on the eve of Wellington’s beervana.

That report found Kiwi craft beer was soaring in popularity with an increase in sales of 42 percent over the last year. 

This bucked the trend of an overall decline of 12 percent in beer sales since 2008.


Barnes Catmur & Friends:
Creative – Kat O’Neill
Creative – Ren  Warner

Head of Digital – Bram Stevens
Digital Developer – Dylan Scott
Social Media Manager – Ben Hope

Head of Media – Monica Wales
Digital Planner/Buyer – Harrison Boys

Designer – Andrea Lo Vetere

Head of Production – Phil Newman
Studio Finished Artist – Alison Curtis
Studio Finished Artist – Simon Kear
Retoucher – Mark Creaghan 

Executive Creative Director – Paul Catmur
General Manager – Luke Farmer
Senior Account Manager – Nicholas Gallagher

Boundary Road Brewery:
General Manager Marketing – Michael Edmonds
Category Manager – Andy Havill

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