Don Draper gets Drafted

20091121_draper_250x375A few weeks back, DraftFCB took the fairly unusual step – for an advertising agency, at least – of sponsoring Mad Men on Prime TV. But they’ve upped the weirdness quotient even further and fashioned a few promotional Don Draper dolls.

Sadly, unless you’re a media magnate (or a very passionate Don Draper fan), you probably won’t be getting your hands on one: they were made specifically to be handed out to local media.

A DraftFCB spokesperson told Mad Men fansite Basket of Kisses: “We were tasked with promoting the third season of Mad Men here in New Zealand. We’re huge fan(atic)s, but the show is chronically low rated here. One of the things we decided to do, since Don’s pretty Ken doll anyway, is we’d make some Don Draper dolls to send out to people.

“His suit is hand-stitched from real cloth, we designed and built a wood-panelled box for him to sit in. They were prohibitively expensive to make and we ran out of budget pretty quick, but totally worth it.”

The resemblance to John Hamm would be best described as Thunderbirdy. But kudos for the incongruous phrasing on the box: “Collect all four mistresses” and “See him drink, pitch and philander.”

Check out their How Don are You micro-site.

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