Déjà view

A couple of months back, StopPress created something of an online hullabaloo after it ran a story on an unfortunate pictorial oversight.

NZ Life and Leisure magazine ran an image on their September cover that had been used on the February 2008 cover of KiaOra, Air New Zealand’s magazine, which is produced under contract by ACP.

Understandably, ACP’s Paul Dykzeul quite enjoyed pointing this out to his Fairfax counterparts.

“ACP Magazines are proud to have provided the latest cover for NZ Life and Leisure, produced by their close friends at Fairfax Magazines, who have used a Photo NZ image for their latest issue September/October 09 issue.”

Following the post, the comment wall was filled with vitriol, accusations of unprofessionalism, oompa loompa jokes and an array of other interesting tidbits as a robust debate about the use of image banks raged.

And, blow me down, the same horrible, replicative fate (let’s call it Image-gate 2.0) seems to have befallen Mindfood magazine, after it used an image of Michelle Obama that has already graced the March cover of American Vogue.

As our little birdy asks: “Methinks Mindfood needs to be more mindful . . . Does Mindfood not realize that American Vogue is sold here?”

Mindfood: Similar ThinkingMindfood: Similar Thinking

More to come, undoubtedly.

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