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SelectorAGM Publishing has launched a new online product resource, Selector.com, targeting the design, architecture and building industries.

Over the last 60 years, AGM Publishing has established a large database of high-quality and design-led contacts. And this new site is a simple online tool that enables industry professionals to tap into them and find the products they need to get the job done, be it concrete connectors or the latest commercial seating from Simon James. The site puts them directly in touch with the companies who sell the products and product enquiries go straight to the supplier’s inbox.

For consumers, it’s a browsable online catalogue, full of the latest designer furniture and beautiful products from the pages of Urbis, Houses NZ and Architecture NZ and the company profiles take them straight to the supplier or showroom.

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For advertisers, it’s a way to connect with an established, professional and design-savvy audience and drive traffic directly to their own websites. And they can track results and follow up qualified leads through online reports generated by the website.

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