DB Export Gold gets some love, teaches old dog new tricks to get men out of mundane tasks

The DB Export family has benefitted from a bit of extra attention in recent years. First, the story of Morton Coutts was used to establish the ‘let nothing come between a man and a great beer’ brand platform. Then DB Export Dry used wine to sell beer in one of the best campaigns of 2012. DB Export 33 was up next and showed the kind of sacrifice men drinking the low-carb version were making for their better halves. And now DB Export Gold is being given its time in the sun, with another entertaining ad featuring a heroic man and his trusty dog. 

With a completely ridiculous song and a main protagonist who mashes together two classic scenarios seen in the ‘hero animal’ genre—a burning house and someone stuck down a well—this ad has just as much absurdity, if not more, than the previous efforts. And the end result is why beer brands are still such coveted creative accounts to work on. 

As the release says: “Back in the ‘60s, it was a penny pinching government that took the piss. Nowadays it’s simply that men have become too busy for beer. Working late, fixing the roof, attending a second cousin’s wedding – there’s always something that bumps having a brew with the boys. So, in order to get out of dumb obligations and have a beer, Export Gold has created the ultimate excuse: a fire at the old well. They’ve also created the ultimate accomplice: a collie named Goldie. Exuding incorruptible integrity, no one doubts that there’s a fire at the well when Goldie comes calling. Next time you’re at your wife’s work barbeque, keep an eye and an ear out for Goldie. Help is on its way.” 

Goldie is certainly no Littlest Hobo. No dog could reach such heroic heights. But as far as canine tricks go, getting your owner out of difficult situations is much better than playing dead. 

“Following on from the successful Export 33 TVC ‘He’s drinking it for you’, which we launched earlier this year, we’re back again to bring DB Export Gold to life in time for summer,” says DB Export marketing manager, Julia Imlah. “The new Man’s Best friend TVC is a creative tongue-in-cheek play on the hero animal genre that’s sure to amuse and entertain.” 

Export Gold was born in 1987, and it recently had a bit of a makeover, with the bottle going from brown to clear. 

“First things first, the beer is still the same award winning Export Gold that you know and love. But, let’s be clear. It was time for a change, and we wanted to show off our golden goodness.” 


Client: DB Export Gold, Maud Meijboom-van Wel, Jarrod Bear, Julia Imlah, Tony Wheeler

Agency: Colenso BBDO

Creative Chairman: Nick Worthington

Creative Director: Levi Slavin

Art Director: Brett Colliver

Copywriter: Simon Vicars

Group Account Director: Tim Ellis

Account Director: Sophie Martigner

Account Manager: Siva Clément

Agency Producer: Katie Knight

Agency Producer: Jen Storey

Production Company: FINCH

Production Company Producer: Nikki Walker/Sarah Cook

Director: Nick Ball

Sound Design: Shane Taupiri at Franklin Road

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