Creatives to the rescue?

As the world celebrated International Day of Action Against Advertising last week, artist network  Brandalism went guerrilla and created a campaign targeting the makers of campaigns.

Erecting posters in bus shelters outside London and Manchester agencies Ogilvy, JWT, AMV BBDO and TBWA Manchester featuring images referencing ad classics, Brandalism invited creatives to ‘switch sides’ and join in the conversation about the social and environmental crisis facing the world.

“Our rent is unaffordable, wealth inequality is growing, thousands are drowning in the Mediterranean sea and the climate is destabilising at a faster and faster rate. We cannot consume our way out of these problems,” said Brandalism.

The campaign called on art directors, copy writers, strategic planners, graphic designer, 3D artists and other creatives to use their skills to change the world, rather than sell commercial products

Brandalism’s Robert Marcuse told Adweek: “The advertising industry has a profound impact on our values and what we consider important in life. The skills of thousands of creative people are needed not to sell us more stuff, but to overcome the multiple social crisis of our times such as climate change, social inequality and child poverty. We want to start a conversation with those working in advertising about how we move beyond consumption and economic growth.”

The campaign came at the time of International Day of Action Against Advertising on 25 March, a day for activists across the globe to carry on and expand the international mobilization against the advertising industry.

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