Terabyte joins forces with The Creative Shop

Two Auckland-based digital agencies, Terabyte Interactive and The Creative Shop, have announced that their joining forces.

Damian Swaffield, CEO of Terabyte, says both companies saw it as a good opportunity to work together when they came across each other.

“We saw a harmony and consistency in how we both approached things in the market,” says Swaffield. “Terabyte mostly deals with medium to large brands, while the The Creative Shop generally deals with small to medium brands. Coming together allows us to provide a broader, more exhaustive digital offering and touch upon more markets.”

As one of the oldest digital shops in the country, Terabyte have been designing digital experiences, websites, and web applications for an impressive line-up of clients since the 1990s, among which include Tourism New Zealand, Wynyard Group, New Zealand Parliament, and DairyNZ.

The Creative Shop, founded by Melissa Slater, has worked to produce a diverse range of products for clients such as NZMA, Ezi Car Rental, Wendy’s Ice Cream, and the AA.

Despite this development, Swaffield insists that both companies will continue to retain its existing structure and brand independence. “We’ll be joining together but there will be no overlaps in terms of what we offer,” he says.

Slater will join the team as Digital Marketing Director, and in addition to The Creative Shop, will focus on delivering a broader digital marketing experience to Terabyte customers.

“We’re really excited to become a part of the Terabyte family,” says Slater. “This will allow us to extend Terabyte’s creative services offering into brand and graphic design, as well as providing small to medium sized digital builds.”

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