Covid creative: United Nations call on the world’s creatives to spread the word

As coronavirus makes its way around the globe, the United Nations is gathering creatives from areas not yet invaded by the disease to spread the word and minimise the outbreak. 

Labelled ‘Global Call to Creatives: An Open Brief from the United Nations’, the initiative is asking for public health messages to be translated into different languages, cultures, communities and platforms, to reach people everywhere. 

United Nations secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, says the UN are unable to resort to the usual tools used for such unusual times. 

“We are in an unprecedented situation and the normal rules no longer apply. The creativity of the response much match the unique nature of the crisis, and the magnitude of the response much match its scale.” 

The UN’s global call is not a single campaign, it is a search for a magnitude of creative solutions to reach audiences across different cultures, age groups and languages. The idea being to spread the word of coronavirus with a creative twist, cultural quirk and an interpretation that helps amplify the message to audiences not yet reached. 

There are six key areas the UN hopes creatives can highlight, these include personal hygiene, social distancing, know the symptoms, myth busting and do more, donate. Partnering with media and clients with media inventory, the campaigns will run across social, digital, streaming, broadcast, print and radio. 

The ‘Global Call to Creatives’ brief states the UN plan to share the best creative responses they receive as widely as possible. 

“We’re moving fast and we hope you can too. By following the WHO key messages and sharing them truthfully and effectively, you can help flatten the curve yourself,” states the brief.” 

Those who want to join the effort are asked to fill out a form on Google Forms or contact [email protected]

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