Conversation wars: Oprah vs The Four Horsemen

There are a huge number of boring statistics we could tell you about. For example, the increase in the amount of tissues purchased by men on Sundays, ROI on SEO for CEO’s KPIs, or possibly even the amount of TV watched by people in Invercargill aged 45-46 between 6.15 and 6.30pm. But humans are simple creatures. And we’re interested in simple things. Like whether the end of Oprah is deemed to be more important than the end of the world. Well, if you believe social media, and you probably shouldn’t, it turns out she’s not.

Meltwater, a social media monitoring company, used its Meltwater Buzz tool to focus on the important things and analyse the volume of online conversations  on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, microblogs, comments and video on the day of the highly anticipated Armageddon on 21 May and Oprah’s last show on 25 May.

Judgement Day took top prize with 600,000 mentions compared to Oprah’s paltry 100,000. On the other side of the coin, Harold Camping is lying low after yet another inaccurate prediction, while Oprah’s off to swim in her money-pit and run her own cable channel. So it would definitely be classified as a hollow victory for the Four Horsemen.


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