The Compendium: 7 June

Anyone who travels for work knows how challenging it is to be away from those you live. WestJet has launched a fight lift for children, to project live flight data onto the ceiling – with a touching TVC to boot.

Without any media investment and just one small gesture, the Chilean National Cancer Institute was able to reach nearly 50 percent of the country’s population and raise awareness about the importance of breast self-examination.

Activist and fashion icon Adwoa Aboah showcases a day-in-the-life in London while she gets from A to B in the new Range Rover Evoque.

Jana Mineral Water gets deep with this campaign, just like its product that comes from an 800m deep source. As astrophysicist Vernesa Smolčić looks skyward, she tells us how to look within ourselves to make sense of what we see.

Energy Upgrade California is giving customers a free pass to procrastinate chores in the evening – to use less energy when less clean energy is available.

McDonald’s and Spotify are encouraging people to play with their food – by arranging fries in a way that a simple photo can unlock special ‘fries playlists’ on Spotify.

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