The Compendium: 30 January

The Brady Bunch aren’t themselves when they’re hungry.

Richard Dawkins reads out his ‘love letters’, a.k.a hilarious hate mail.

 “I’m happiest when I’m dancing. I practice 80 times a day” – George

Somebody created an Instagram account to document the man buns of Laneway festival. It has nearly 1000 followers. Go figure.

Polish tattoo shop covers crappy prison tattoos with well done tattoos so ex-cons can get real jobs.

A phone call between 911 and a women caught up in domestic violence went viral recently. Now it has made its way into a Super Bowl ad.

Google is looking to create their own human skin and find the cure for cancer. This is the future of healthcare.

Carls Jr. just created the perfect hangover cure. Well, according to them anyway.

And, in keeping with its combination of sex and burgers, here’s Carl’s Jr’s Super Bowl ad.

For the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, BBC shot footage of the concentration camp via drone.

This app tells you when to stop being friends with someone. Because obviously you can’t tell how people make you feel with out a little help from your smartphone.

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