The Compendium: 20 September

The latest PSA from Sandy Hook Promise will leave you reeling. Starting as a friendly back to school essentials spot, it then becomes apparent exactly what those essentials are needed for – for kids to save their own lives in a mass shooting. Hard-hitting and horrifically sad, it illustrates why the US needs those gun control measures stat. 

Libra takes a long-overdue stand showing its period blood is normal, not tapu. ‘Offensive’ or ‘degrading’ are not words that should be associated with normal bodily functions, says the brand. 

Lego takes a nostalgic look back as it promotes its future in its ‘Rebuild the world’ campaign. It’s quick, it’s fun, it made me want to play with Lego. Although I doubt the target market is a Millenial count me in. 

That’s it, I am sick of agencies thinking it’s okay to toy with my emotions to sell furniture. Ikea had no right to play me like this. Just sell me the damn chair, don’t shit around with a dog heartbreak story. They’re just lucky it had a happy ending otherwise I’d be boycotting the whole chain if it wasn’t for their great deals and also Meatballs. 

Guy Fieri became a cultural phenomenon in recent years due to his love of flames and wild way of being, I assume. Now, Uber Eats has shown him a new panflute playing respectable light. 

Honestly, I could happily be abstinent for the rest of my life with how much this McDonald ad satisfied me. Seal me up and ship me to the nearest Maccas because I am sold. 

Egg McMuffin – Director’s Cut from Matthieu BRACCINI on Vimeo.

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