The Compendium: 15 November

When Jean-Claude Van Damme acted, his biggest moneymaker wasn’t his face; it was his superhuman ability to do the splits. And now, long after his movie career has expired, he is still able to pay the bills on account of his ability to stretch his legs into a straight line.

DraftFCB assembled the most evil board of directors in history for its sinister campaign for Kmart. By showing the restrictive policies of other companies, Kmart posits itself as the holier-than-thou nun of retail.

BBDO Argentina gives ‘happily ever after’ a sinister twist in this ad that features a lady who makes sure she always gets what she wants. The highlight of this tongue-in-cheek TVC is perhaps when the frog prince cheats on his human girlfriend with another frog.

Canada-based agency Taxi illustrates how difficult it can be for people to find the right words when they are confronted with the reality of cancer.

Taxi is however equally comfortable doing humorous ads, as is shown in this animated TVC that introduces the phrase ‘festive fakery’ to the vernacular. Thus far, the campaign has given a breakdown of five different methods by which people fake elation when receiving an unwanted gift.

Visa encourages travellers to do what they want when on holiday in this quirky TVC that shows you don’t need a seven-foot-tall security guard or a lead safe to protect your travel budget.

Although we are often told that exercise doesn’t render immediate results, the Russians have devised a machine that counters this theory. As part of the campaign to encourage people to exercise before the Olympics, the Russian government has installed a subway machine that dispenses tickets to people who are willing to do 30 squats.    

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