Church of Scientology ad-bombs the Super Bowl

For the second year in a row the Church of Scientology has slipped an ad into the Super Bowl, and this year’s offering is impressively high on claims and equally low on explanations.

Although the ad was only screened in selected locations, this hasn’t stopped the Twitter community from condemning it for being a touch too creepy. (Funny or Die also weighed in with a parody video in which they claim to expose the hidden message that viewers may have missed.)

It also appears that the marketers at the organisation are becoming a more aggressive with their campaigns. The 2013 ad subtly hinted at the church’s unconventional methods, and it seemed to employ the Apple approach to advertising.  

In the latest promo, E-meters enjoy as much screen time as faces and audits are presented as something curious kids should try at least once. If this trend continues, we dread to think what future Super Bowls might hold. 

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