The choice is yours with TVNZ OnDemand’s latest campaign

The new campaign for TVNZ OnDemand marks a turning point for the platform, after a year of investment and content curation. 

Developed by TVNZ’s creative and production team, Blacksand, along with Assignment, ‘It’s Yours’ revolves around TVNZ’s commitment to giving user’s choice when it comes to their viewing habits. 

The three spots, which rolled out on TV, OnDemand and outdoor last week, show regular New Zealanders sharing their amazing ‘adventures’ with colleagues, friends and strangers – when they are, in fact, describing the events of their favourite television programmes. 

The campaign ventures into new ground for TVNZ, which usually only advertises particular programming for OnDemand, rather than the platform itself. It is the first time there has been a significant campaign for the platform since the launch of the registration process in February 2016.

In the past 12 months, TVNZ has made a significant investment across OnDemand content, user experience and advertising experience. This was a refocusing on the platform as a destination, rather than just a catch-up service for TVNZ. Director of marketing Jonathan Symons says the timing was right to launch a campaign now as a reflection of the investment. 

“‘It’s incredibly competitive for online streaming services and so we’ve got to drive our presence out there. ‘It’s Yours’ brings to life our OnDemand initiatives for viewers, highlighting the wide breadth of content we offer, as well as the range of devices available and the simplicity and ease of the user experience.”

OnDemand now has 1092 shows available to watch and achieved a record 102 million streams in the last year. 

Symons says TVNZ is determined to make sure OnDemand and traditional channels are complementary to each other, rather than online having a negative impact on the TV channels. 

“One of the things that TVNZ accepted and agreed to some time ago is that OnDemand and TV can be complementary to each other, which is slightly different to other markets around the world. Viewers are going to watch content the way they want to watch it, and we have to respond to our viewers’ needs.”

Depending on how the campaign tracks, TVNZ will consider continuing to develop it in the long-term, Symons says. 

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Caitlin Salter is a freelance writer who contributes to various publications at ICG Media.

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