Chasing the love dollar: free roses, personalised ice cream and a live divorce

Given the commercial slant of Valentine’s Day, and the willingness consumers have to shell out for objects for the objects of affection, there’s never any shortage of interesting creative ideas clamouring for attention at this time of the year. Some of them are pretty good, most of them aren’t. But here are a couple of local examples that caught our attention.

Unlike Tui’s DIY paper roses, Hallenstein’s and Publicis Mojo created a window display at the busy Queen’s Street store that was made up of 1000 real red roses, and then told passersby they wouldn’t mind if a few went missing.

Also on Queen St, Gianpolo Grazioli, the purveyor of fine iced treats at Giapo and savvy social media operator, ran the Taste of Love campaign as a TradeMe auction (it sold for $405). And, while being able to name an ice cream flavour after your beloved is bound to get you in the good books, the fact that the winner gets an ice cream a day for the next month might not.

Giapo is giving you the chance to turn your affection into a deliciously creative, mouth-watering expression of your amour … ice cream! But not just any ice cream. The winner of this exclusive auction will work with our ice cream chefs to create a one-off, personalised flavour that is not only named after your true love but also incorporates their favourite ingredients!

The Giapo ‘Ice Cream Love’ Auction includes:

* Consultation with Gianpaolo Grazioli himself (in person if you live in Auckland, over phone/email if elsewhere) about your other half and their taste preferences, and creative brain storming session to create their unique ice cream flavour.

* One ‘litre of joy’ of the ice cream for you to take home for your Valentine.

* Full recipe provided of the final flavour.

* Personalised Giapo sign featuring your ice cream and a special message for your Valentine that will be displayed at our store on Queen St from Feb 14th til March 14th.

* AND during that month your Valentine can come into Giapo and have one free cup of their ice cream every day!

Who cares about teddy bears! Make your Valentine’s heart melt with an ice cream flavour all of their very own. They’ll be famously immortalised, and you’ll be the one collecting all the brownie points. Sweet deal? We thought so.

They say marriage is the leading cause of divorce and love does not always conquer all. So The Rock is taking a slightly different tack to all the flowers and chocolates and rainbows and puppies and offering to pay for a couple’s divorce, as long as the poor sod being dumped learns their relationship is over live on air.

The Rock station manager Brad King told Stuff.co.nz it was a “tongue-in-cheek promo on a male-targeted radio station”.

“Last year around Valentine’s Day, Robert and Jono gave away a wife – a promotion that ended up making two strangers from opposite sides of the world very happy,” he said. “It’s fair to say, that particular promotion copped a bit of criticism from various minority groups, so this year Robert and Jono decided to lend a helping hand … The other way and help out a couple who no longer want to be together.”

Let us know if you’ve seen any other interesting pursuits of the love dollar we’ve missed.

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