Cerebral utes, artistic trucks, smelly cars and blue whale tongues

And the fresh TV work keeps on coming, with a new cerebral/agrarian spot for Volkswagen’s first ever ute, V takes street art to a new level with the help of Humpty Dumpty, Mitsubishi speaks the car-related, localised truth and Cirkus Animation’s TVC for Vietnamese stationery brand Thien Long. 

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Volkswagen is trying to get into the garages of heartland New Zealand. That’s why it sponsored the All Whites. And made the Milk Run TVC with DDB. Now it’s trying to compete with Toyota’s dominance in the rural sector with the launch of its first ever ute in New Zealand, the strangely named thinking man’s ute, the Amarok (ad nerds might notice an Amarok in the Milk Run spot. Apparently it was the only one in the country at the time).

Youtube VideoAs the video description says: “Humpty Dumpty was all loaded up, and taken away in a big V truck. When the button was pushed, Humpty was released from the 840 barrels, of our big green beast.” You may have seen it last week on the TVC of the Week section, but it deserves another showing. There’s a digital campaign launch expected either today or Monday, and while none of the protagonists from Colenso or the Sweet Shop would say anything specific about what’s to come, it seems it will be in keeping with the previous V campaigns and include plenty of mystery, intrigue and experiential action.

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Mitsubishi’s new campaign by Clemenger BBDO and Robber’s Dog is a gem. And here’s the latest aromatic instalment. It’s funny because it’s true.

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Its recent Skyline Garages commercial found favour, and Cirkus, which does a helluva lot of international work, has continued its good form with this fantastical campaign for stationery supplier Thien Long, which positioned it as a company that “brings knowledge to life by means of showcasing all sorts of fun facts”.


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