Cadbury Creme Eggs get a musical treat

Who doesn’t love a good pop song jingle? The Black Eyed Peas made ‘Let’s Get It Started’ for the NBA, Chris Brown adapted ‘Forever’ for Wrigley’s, so will Lorde be making the most of ‘Green Light’ for Cadbury?

This week, Lorde stopped by BBC Radio 1 to chat to Nick Grimshaw, who pointed out the singer’s love for the classic Creme Egg. After munching through the sugary treat and chatting about the delectable white mystery at the centre of it, Grimshaw presented Lorde with a song combining Creme Eggs with her latest single ‘Green Light’. It goes something like this:

I rip off all the foil before I leave the shop
I’ve waited all this time and now I just can’t stop
I need them all year round, I wanna scream the truth
I said I’d have just one I’m such a damn liar

The white cream it tastes so sweet
When you bite it, but you said you wouldn’t make a mess
But now there’s egg, on your face
Did it frighten you, how you seem to want just one more?

But I have the egg on my mind
All the eggs on my mind
But honey I’ll look out for them wherever I go
But honey I’ll search every shop down every road
I’m waiting for it, that Creme Egg, I want it!

Although as we all know, Lorde’s a nuanced marketing machine, so it’s genuinely doubtful she’d sell off her hit song in the name of Cadbury’s financial and creative gratification. But with the chocolate company’s Dunedin factory closing down earlier this year, Cadbury probably needs all the help they can get, especially if it’s in the form of a nicely packaged viral treat.

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