The bulletproof poster

With US gun laws not strong enough to protect the country’s citizens from gun violence, Ogilvy & Mather Chicago has created a bulletproof poster to do the job.

Ahead of President Trump’s address at the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention, the agency created the posters for Americans for Responsible Solutions in an effort to make background checks on all gun buyers a requirement.

Titled with ‘In case of gunfire hide behind this poster’ and ‘This poster stops bullets because our gun laws don’t’, the fibreglass posters explain that 90 percent of guns used in crimes across the US are sold by irresponsible and unethical gun dealers, who make up just five percent of all dealers. The hope is those who read it will support stronger legislation by taking the pledge at responsiblesolutions.org.

And it’s not just posters taking on US gun laws, as an anti-gun group has created a “student body armour” to protect the country’s college students.

The campaign takes a stand against the campus-carry laws, that allow people to carry firearms on college campuses, by advertising sweatshirts, tshirts and hoodies in the colours of all the colleges that allow guns on campus. However, with the gear priced from $US700, it’s encouraging students to get protection for free by contacting their local representative to tell them “campus-carry is almost as ridiculous as student body armour”.

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