Bulging thighs, little people and shapeshifting origami

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Who’s it for: Sky by DDB and Prodigy

Why we like it: On first viewing, it seems like just another over earnest rugby ad. Turns out it’s one of the funniest instalments of the Match Fit series so far. Taking rugby advertising cliches and poking some good natured fun at them is to be commended, especially when there’s so much of it around in the lead up to the Really Wonderful Celebration (RWC).

Youtube Video

Who’s it for: Big Little City by Colenso BBDO and Special Problems

Why we like it: As everyone knows, small things are cute and big things are funny (piglets vs pigs, for example). And while the Gulliver’s Travels concept has been used often in advertising, it’s impossible not to like tiny workmen digging into a crème brûlée. Importantly, it’s also a relevant and creative way to promote the central Big Little City idea (the other TVCs can be viewed here).


Youtube Video

Who’s it for: Fairfax/Sunday Star Times by Ogilvy

Why we like it: A nice, simple idea to use stop motion origami to show what’s in the Sunday paper. And extra points for the craftiness/time required to make it look good.


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