Brothers, sossies and mowers

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Who’s it for: Hallensteins by Publicis Mojo and Thick as Thieves

Why we like it: For a mainstream clothing retailer, this spot, filmed in black and white, set to the massive indie tune from US band Sleigh Bells and the first piece of work from Publicis Mojo after it took the account from Shine, is pretty damn cool. It doesn’t just look good, however. There’s some thinking behind it too, with the brothers theme tying in to the history of the company, which started over 100 years ago when a chap named Bendix Hallenstein opened a supply store. Apparently, he struggled until his brothers joined him in the venture. And, if you want to see some brotherly love in the real world, check out this video of Hallensteins in Christchurch giving away $100,000 worth of clothes, no strings attached, after the earthquake.

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Who’s it for: Bright’s by Projector and Zoomslide

Why we like it: You may have heard of extreme ironing. Or extreme hammocking. Well, Bright’s new campaign sees our endearing meaty protagonist engaging in what can only be described as extreme barbecuing, sizzling snags at a swimming pool, a funeral, in jail and even in a lift with a weird body-builder. The entertainingly preposterous campaign also employs the services of ukeleles and a catchy jingle and most of the people featuring in the ads are Tegel staff. So it seems Bright’s also do sossie advertising right.

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Who’s it for: Sky by DDB NZ and Capital City Films

Why we like it: Sky’s ‘Happy Place’ is one of the best, most consistent, most entertaining campaigns of the year, and this salt of the earth sheila taking a ride on her mower continues that trend.

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