The Breeze takes it easy with events campaign

It may be semantics to some, but the difference between ‘easy listening’ and ‘take it easy’ means a world of difference for media brands like The Breeze.

“We were known as an easy listening radio station but that made us sound like a nana station,” says network marketing manager Kristy Craig.

“The new ‘Take It Easy’ slogan fits with our contemporary music.” 

To promote the new mantra The Breeze is hosting several Take It Easy events across the country featuring beanbags, iced tea and old-folks dancing in public. A partnership with Auckland Council’s Music in Parks put the campaign in front of several hundred merry makers every weekend. Other events have run in Wellington, Christchurch and all the places of New Zealand in between.

An ad campaign by Isaac Thakaray from Brown Trousers running in lifestyle magazines such as Taste and Cuisine is promoting the events to punters. 

“We’re probably one of the first adult contemporary radio stations in the world to speak to our audience in an insightful way about their lives, rather than just showing pictures of the acts we play and sticking puns beside them. It’s a revolution in advertising to adults,” says Thakaray.

Craig says glossies are the focus because the target market are lifestyle enthusiasts and the messaging fits better surrounded by similar themes.

“We want to put the ads in the right environment and this isn’t the type of campaign you stick onto a billboard,” she says.

Winter is coming and with that a change in event types. Craig says The Breeze will continue working at music events and farmers markets as the weather continues to hold, with winter-appropriate events when things start to get chilly.

It seems not all aspects of The Breze has been updated to reflect the new tag line, a quick Google search shows the website is still clutching onto the old slogan.

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