Brand vanity

Brands tend to inflate their importance in people’s lives, as this wonderful quote on Martin Wiegel’s Canalside blog shows. And The Onion has showed this phenomenon in its inimitable fashion with a clip featuring “fans from all over the country flocking to see all of their favourite brands” at the Lollapalooza music festival. 

While this pointed critique of commercial interests inserting themselves into leisure pursuits is obviously facetious, it’s actually not too far-fetched. For example, The Food Show was on in Auckland over the weekend and some might argue that 33,000 people paid to be marketed to (and get a few nibbles). 

Speaking of The Onion, it wrote about the merger of Publicis and Omnicom, and said the deal would bring together “the largest collection of people with no discernible skills whatsoever“. Ooooh, burn. 

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