Brace for impact: it’s consumers vs the industry in Annual Ad Impact vote

In an effort to reward the ads that worked hardest—and the agencies responsible for them—we kicked off the Ad Impact Awards with Colmar Brunton early last year. Between February 2011 and February 2012, approximately 4000 Kiwi consumers were asked four key questions via an online panel about the new TV campaigns that had aired that month: did you notice it? Did you know who it was for? Did it engage you, stand out and arouse your interest? And how did you feel or act after seeing it? We focused on brand building ads, rather than those communicating special offers, and the results were then compared to Colmar Brunton’s vast normative database, which is based on the more than 72,000 ads that have been tested around the world over the past 30 years. The six ads below were at the top of the pile, and we will announce the overall winner next week. But we thought we’d try a bit of an experiment first to see if the opinions of the industry folk matched the opinions of the consumers. So help us out and pick the ad you think got the most bang for the advertiser’s buck.

If you can’t see the poll click here.

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