As boring as watching pies bake

From the visibly stagnant slowest drip in the world to Norway’s train journeys, live-streaming has already been used to share a range mundane activities that offer little in the way of actual entertainment. And with the emergence of live-streaming apps like Periscope, there is likely to be a sharp increase in the quantity of banal content, some of which will invariably be contributed by brands looking to latch on to latest tech fad.  

In fact, here in New Zealand, McDonald’s is currently showing that it can also be boring by running a campaign that simply live-streams footage of the new bacon and egg pies baking in the oven. But while others take their live-streaming and slow TV very seriously, McDonald’s is clearly taking a more tongue-in-cheek approach, calling the live stream Baking News and treating it like a TV news show.      

“DDB was the agency behind our first foray into live-streaming, with their creative team coming up with the concept,” says McDonald’s New Zeland brand manager Jess Reid. “It’s still early in the campaign but initial responses are positive. We don’t have immediate plans for further use of live-streaming but we aren’t ruling it out at this stage.”

While live-streaming pies cooking is unlikely to pull in massive numbers of fans any time soon, at least it gives the fast-food company some added utility for its surveillance footage. And we can only hope that someone like ‘clown pants’ robber attempts to steal a pie from the oven.


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