BNZ lets you put your friends’ faces to its macabre Kiwisaver campaign

Jib Jab hasn’t completely cornered the market on animations with people’s faces stuck on them, as BNZ Bank clearly shows in its latest Kiwisaver campaign on Facebook.

The ‘Work Til I Die’ Flash-based Facebook app lets users put their friends’ faces on an animated marionette, as it dances along to the tune of BNZ’s new Kiwisaver jingle (which has come under considerable fire from StopPress readers for being similar to Melbourne Metro’s Dumb Ways To Die song). 

The grand message of the app is if you don’t sort out your superannuation now, you’re doomed to dance the employment-jig until you’re in the grave.


Online animation: Craftshop

Agency: Colenso

Creative chairman: Nick Worthington
Executive creative director: Steve Cochrane
Creative director: Terry Williams-Willcock
Copywriter: Jesse Stevens
Art director: Beth O’Brien
Head of account management: Paul Wilson
Group account director: Jo Underdown
Senior account managers: Tiveshni Naidoo & Janelle Wilson
Head of broadcast: Jen Storey
Music: Franklin Road Studios
Music producer: Jonathan Hughes
Composer: Jim Hall
Lyrics: Jesse Stevens/Steve Cochran/Nick Worthington/Jim Hall

Client: BNZ
BNZ chief marketing officer: Craig Herbison
BNZ head of marketing communications Rob Cooke
BNZ campaign manager: Robert Orr

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