National radio listenership down by 2.25 percent: RIRC survey

The Radio Industry Research Committee has released its half yearly commercial radio listenership survey, which shows a year on year drop of 52,400 weekly listeners across the country in the aged 10+ bracket. A 2.25 percent drop from 2.330 million in April 2012 to 2.277 million in April 2013.

Update: Originally this article stated the survey was commissioned by The Radio Bureau (TRB), when it was commissioned by the RIRC which includes representation from TRB,  the Radio Broadcasters Association, Mediaworks, The Radio Network and CAANZ.

Of the top five radio stations, The Rock fared the worst with a loss of 13 percent of its 10+ listeners in a year (46,300 weekly cumulative listeners). Classic Hits on the other hand gained 6 percent in the same category, increasing its fold by 18,100 across the country.

Newstalk ZB has the highest station share in the 10+ category, with 11.9 percent of listeners. Coast is highest in the music category with 8.9 percent, followed closely by The Rock with 8.2 percent. However, The Rock topped the 18-34 group with 16.9 percent, and The Edge topped the House Hold Shoppers With Kids category with 10 percent of station share.

According to the survey, 2.277 million New Zealanders tune into commercial radio every week – listening for an average of 17 hours and 14 minutes.

Over all the results for the radio industry look better than they did in the previous survey released in October, which showed only 2.228 million Kiwis were tuning in to commercial radio. Despite a shrinking audience, radio revenue continues to grow in New Zealand. The January and February take was 6.5 percent higher than in 2012, according to the Radio Broadcasters Association.

Key points:

– Commercial radio reaches 2.28 million listeners (aged 10+) per week, up 2.2 percent since the last survey.

– New Zealanders on average spend 17 hours and 14 minutes a week listening to radio, up from 16 hours and 25 minutes.

– The Edge has the highest number of listeners, with a cumulative audience of 444,400.

– The Rock is the number one station for those 25-54, while Newstalk ZB tops the table for the 10+ category with a cumulative audience of 282,600.

Change in cumulative number of listeners aged 10+ (April 2012 – April 2013)

The Edge: -3.73 % / – 17,200

Newstalk ZB: -2.26 % / -9,100

ZM: -12.18 % / – 48,000

Classic Hits: 5.98 % / +18,100

The Rock: -13.08 % / -46,300

Radio Live: -10.95 / – 17,900

All figures are based on Monday to Sunday 6am – Midnight listening periods. The survey uses the diary method, which asks participants to note down what they’ve been listening to over a week.

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