The Big Game: Cadbury, Beats by Dre, Barkers and Jono and Ben

Another day, another step towards assured glory for the All Blacks, and another few attempts from brands to squeeze some more blood out of the rugby stone. And this week’s winner of The Big Game, a prestigious award dished out by StopPress to the best example of desperate euphemism usage from non-sponsors hoping to ride the attention train, goes to Cadbury for its classy Photoshopping. 

What a specky! Which flavour makes you jump sky high? #FreeTheJoy

Posted by Cadbury Dairy Milk on Sunday, October 18, 2015

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In other rugby news, Beats by Dre has been zeroing in on rugby during the tournament, with Richie McCaw’s spot standing out as one of the best of the bunch. And it’s employed the services of some even older warhorses—Sean Fitzpatrick, Francois Pineaar and David Campese—to respond in video form to some culinary barbs from French ‘caveman’ Sebastien Chabal

Barkers, a fully paid-up member of the All Blacks club for the past six years, has also been running its campaign for the past month and it’s pretty good, although it, like the campaigns of some other sponsors such as Powerade (which only managed a 33 percent strike rate) and Air New Zealand, suffers from the ‘damn it, the guy we got to be in our ads didn’t make it into the squad’ effect). 

Riffing on the fact that the English invented rugby and New Zealand soon started beating them at it, Barkers talks about how Savile Row has been the destination for fine suits for over 200 years, but now has some Antipodean competition on its hands after the creation of its Made to Measure suiting service. 

As it says on the website: “With two iconic New Zealand brands collaborating in their areas of expertise, something undeniably great has been born. When we see the team in black, standing tall and proud in their tailored formalwear, ready to take on the world, we too hold our heads high, and feel a swell of pride. The old-timers of Savile Row are undoubtedly feeling a shortening in their measuring tapes.  With our mastery of men’s formalwear and their athletic prowess, we’ve made the innovation of the British our own. Their game is our game.”

Poking fun at the fact that the rules of World Rugby and New Zealand Rugby, like any large sporting body, are typically draconian, Jono and Ben took a leaf out of The Edge’s euphemistic book and created their own rugby anthem.

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