Rugby, racing and beer: Moa gets behind New Zealand’s sailing and rugby stars

June is set to be a big month for New Zealand sports stars and fans with the Americas Cup and the Lions Tour, and joining in the festivities with a song is Moa, which has launched an epic campaign that shows its support and encourages others to do the same.

Called ‘Rugby Racing and Beer’, the campaign is spearheaded by a song about how June is having a blinder, with lyrics mentioning New Zealand’s scenery, stereotypes of national identity, the weather, rugby, sailing and Moa beer.

Meanwhile, the lyrics play to a montage of New Zealanders acting out those stereotypes by rock jumping, surfing, playing rugby, sailing, bathing in hot pools, hunting and diving. The Moa crew is also seen brewing beer.

Moa marketing manager Jesse Shanley says it sought inspiration from a 1960’s song called ‘Rugby, Racing and Beer’, that was all about horse racing, and gave it a sailing and rugby twist.

She adds that while the Americas Cup and Lions Tour are in line with Moa’s brand, it can’t afford to get on board as a sponsor of the events so it decided to sponsor June instead.

With the idea in place, it brought together a collection of musicians to form the band The Stomping Moas, which worked with Darryl Parsons to write the song and perform it.

Fish&Clips was involved in the production side.

The song can be listened to on Spotify, Apple Music and purchased on iTunes and Google Play.

Shanley hopes it’s New Zealanders get behind and sing-a-long to.

One New Zealander to do that is chef Al Brown, who makes an appearance in the full-length video, cooking up a meal with one of the Moa brews. His take has since been turned into its own 15-second video to the tune of ‘Rugby Racing and Beer’.

There’s also a number of memes being shared on Moa’s Facebook page that give a tongue-and-cheek commentary of sporting activities, including strategy, sportsmanship and coaches.

This isn’t the first time Moa has backed the boys in black as this year’s efforts follow the 2015 release of a ‘Four More Years’ beer. It was brewed following the 2011 world cup win and released in time for the 2015 tournament.

It was brewed like a Moa Imperial Stout and featured coffee beans to keep fans awake during the early morning starts.

Now, to mark June’s sporting success (we hope) Moa has released a limited edition NZ Gold Ale, which it’s encouraging New Zealanders include in their celebrations.

Fitting to its name, the bottle features gold patterning and a silver fern.

Shanley says the NZ Gold Ale will be released every time New Zealand is performing on the world stage and last year, the beer was used to celebrate the Rio Olympics.

Moa was an official sponsor of the Olympics and the bottles were adorned with the iconic rings of the Games to show that. 

Source: Moa Brewing Co.

The current campaign will continue to grow on TV, online and through out-of-home advertising throughout June.


Production: Fish&Clips
Director: Jason Bock
Producer: Harry Moore
DOP: Ziga Zupancic
​Colour: Matic Prusnik

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