Kathmandu climbs the marketing mountain, literally

Kathmandu has released a new ad promoting its summer wares in the stunning location of Indonesia’s Mt Rinjani, where members of the Kathmandu Summit Club endured a five-day mission ascending the volcano for the shoot. 

The ad features the keen mountaineers through moments of anguish and joy as they tirelessly climb the volcano.

A micro-site has also been launched with videos documenting the hike as well as information on the journey and what the hikers were wearing, which is included in Kathmandu’s Summit Magazine,

The spot was produced by Kathmandu’s in-house team which is managing the campaign, says Kathmandu photography and video production Glenda Johnstone.

“We were looking for a challenging multi-day hike to test our new summer range. One of our Summit Club members had climbed to the top of Mt Rinjani and posted a photo of herself on our Facebook page. It looked amazing, so she actually inspired us. Lombok is also a very accessible location. We loved our time there.”

The crew shown in the clip are four members of Kathmandu’s Summit Club, a community of people who get access to exclusive member discounts and rewards, she says. “ … we also invite them to apply to take part in our shoots. It makes our shoots quite unique in that we take real people on real adventures,” she says.

Climbing Mt Rinjani was quite a challenge, she says. “We had to travel light so took a minimum of camera equipment. There was no access to power and shooting at altitude required extra batteries. Staying hydrated was also really important for the crew.”

She says they were supported on the hike by World Expeditions “and their amazing porters”.

Nothing went wrong on the trail, but there were quite a few blisters and sprains, she says. “A couple of our crew experienced mild altitude sickness so a comprehensive medical kit was essential. There are no toilets or showers but you soon get used to using the makeshift ‘toilet’ tents on Mt Rinjani.”

There has previously been the perception that Kathmandu only makes winter clothing, she says. “But the perception is shifting. Kathmandu has gear for all seasons and travel needs. The Mt Rinjani hike and the launch of our new Retreat Camping Range is all about celebrating summer.”

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