Big company, personal thanks: Rapp Tribal and Telecom canvas customers

Youtube VideoConsumers generally aren’t too enamoured with large corporate entities, even less so in this climate of occupation. And Telecom, with its monopolistic heritage and less than enviable recent track record, is looking for all the love it can get. So, in an effort to show that it isn’t just a faceless corporation and really does care about its customers, its direct agency Rapp Tribal came up with a creative way for the employees of one of the country’s biggest companies to show their thanks.

Late last year, a big blank canvas was rolled at Telecom’s new headquarters in Auckland and staff were invited to get busy with the vivids, starting with the outgoing chief executive Paul Reynolds (who, revealingly, is obviously down with the txting kids because he wrote ‘ur’ instead of ‘your’).

In a similar fashion to DDB’s Billboards to Bags campaign for Cadbury, the wonders of modern printing then saw the canvas chopped into thousands of different envelopes and letters, which were sent to loyal Telecom customers around the country, many of whom may have “felt like they hadn’t been contacted in ages”.

Customers could watch the creation of their letter online (and wince at the remarkably cheesy music) and choose a telco treat. And, as the stats at the end of the video show, the customers were obviously feeling the love, with 60 percent opening the email and two thirds of those taking up the offer.


Sarah Whitehead, Senior Direct Marketing Manager

Barbara Mitchell, Senior Marketing Manager

Aaron Goldring, Creative Director

Pat Murphy, Head of Direct

Susan Young, Head of Copy

Marcel De Ruiter, Studio Manager

Matt Van der Loos, Mac Operator

David Woon, Designer

Tau Matenga, Designer

Katja Green, Senior Account Manager

Emma McLean, Head of CRM Planning

Matt Douglas, Digital Media Producer Video Production

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