Bieber booty

Justin Bieber has made headlines again. And no, not for peeing in mop buckets or destroying hotel rooms or dangerous driving, this time it’s for… his butt.

The Biebs posted a picture to his Instagram of himself in the nude on a boat pointing out to an island across the water, with the caption “Look”.

The picture gained over 700,000 Instagram likes within the first hour of its posting according to Billboard.com.

And Bieber has become the butt of all jokes after this pic as Bieber bum memes have been popping up all over the internet. Miley Cyrus even posted a picture of him with an enhanced behind on par with Kim Kardashian’s famous asset.

As funny as the aftermath of this butt pic is, we can’t help but notice a bit of a double standard on Instagram’s behalf. Here are a few pictures that have been pulled from Instagram that are probably less offensive than Bieber’s bum.

This photo of 19-year-old student Samm Newman, who used the platform to share body-positive images of herself. While there are pictures of women in bikinis and lingerie all over Instagram, this one was pulled:

A fellow butt, that is more covered that Bieber’s uploaded by blogger and singer-songwriter Meghan Tonjes, removed from Instagram because it was deemed “mature” content:

This photo a mother shared of her child:

Not to mention several of women breastfeeding, like this one:

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