Berocca invades your iPhone with calendar campaign

Fizzy orange vitamin manufacturer Bayer (which owns Berocca) is taking a rather unique approach to mobile advertising by targeting an underutilised feature of the iPhone (at least by advertisers) – the Calendar App.

The ‘BeroccaScopes’ campaign places 28 faux-horoscopes into the user’s calendar, which is set to go off at 8:48 am every day. Each BeroccaScope is unique and the third asks the user to register for a free sample pack of the product.

The campaign is the brainchild of Australian digital agency Mobile Embrace. It appears on banners across The New Zealand Herald, The Radio Network and TVNZ’s apps and mobile websites. Clicking on the banner takes the user to a landing page where they give permission to the advertiser to use the calendar.

BeroccaScope is also appearing on mobile apps such as Shazam, Sound Hound and Angry Birds. It will be supported by a national radio campaign, says Mobile Embrace.

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