Selling Smart TVs with erections, violence and prostitutes

Dumb TVs are out. Smart TVs are in, although several studies show very few actually use the TVs for their intended purpose or even connect them to the internet because, as Wired says, “Smart TVs are the literal, biblical devil.” According to NPD, “fewer than 15 percent of smart-TV owners are listening to music, surfing the internet or shopping on their TVs.” But BGH is trying to change all that with a new campaign via Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi and Primo that shows a man with an annoying erection, a man getting punched in the face and a man looking for a prostitute—and all of them like to send emails to actors from their TV. 

As the PR says: “There are a very few madmen in the world who would consider sending an email to a film actor. And even less, do it from a TV set. We hope these people are many more over the next days because BGH is launching its new line of Smart TV, in which you can watch movies in the best image resolution while you surf the Internet or send e-mails.”

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