Beer in a bag

Craft beer drinkers can be a fairly precious bunch. If it doesn’t have a weird name and hints of passionfruit or coffee or goat meat, it’s basically not worth drinking. But one man is hoping to solve the problem of tasteless beer forever. 

While we’re very accustomed to the idea of tea bags (and in some cases, coffee bags), booze bags are a new concept. But Hop Theory brewed up a method for adding flavour to light, inexpensive beer and it managed to raise over $30,000 on Kickstarter. Whether you’ll be laughed out the barbecue if you dump one of these in your brewski/beersie/frosty beverino remains to be seen. 

Speaking of craft beer, new research predicts that New Zealand’s craft beer exports could increase by up to 300 percent in the next decade. And while Frost & Sullivan says it currently makes up just two to three percent of total beer sales in New Zealand (not counting Lion’s Mac’s or DB’s Monteiths), it’s growing quickly and growth in the region of 30 percent is expected for this year alone. One of the best in the business, Tuatara, is a good example of the potential and founder Carl Vasta says it’s been growing annual revenue upward of 40 to 50 percent per year for the last eight years. 

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