Multiple death syndrome

DDB Paris went dark for this commercial, introducing a poor type-casted actor who over the course of his career is “The Man who Died the Most” in movies, for a commercial about organ donation.

The ad was directed by Steve Rogers (Wanda) and is for France’s Biomedicine Agency, aiming to reach the 16-25 demographic and it uses a healthy dose of black humour to reel them in.

The man in the commercial is thrown off buildings, stabbed, shot, drowned, has his head pushed in an oven, all in a Tarantino-esque fashion, with an epic soundtrack to boot.

The ad uses a “now that we’ve got your attention” kind of format, with the impetus behind it only being mentioned at the end, where the actor points out that unlike him, we normally only die once, so we should tell our families if we are for or against organ donation.

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