Beehive enters sausage market, with brand campaign to match

It took a new range of sausages for the Premier Beehive to produce its first brand campaign in over a decade. And now, with advertising partner Contagion, the previously bacon and ham brand has launched a nation-wide campaign to get bacon lovers to embrace the banger.

“The love we Kiwis have for the humble banger is second only to our love of bacon,” read a statement from Contagion, with managing partner Dean Taylor adding it’s “such a fun category to work on”.

“If Maslow had a food hierarchy bacon and sausages would be right at the top of it. Sausages are a huge part of NZ society as a popular meal choice; from summer evenings on the BBQ to precooked tasty treats for quick and easy family dinners.”

As Kiwis start to fire up the BBQ for summer, the new advert, across print and online, calls bacon lovers to be brand, not product, loyal with quips: “Monogamy is overated” and “Make room for more”.

The full range of new sausages is given a warm welcome with an orange and red hued design. “This campaign is aimed at reflecting the great love and affection we all have for sausages,” says Taylor.

Contagion creative director Bridget Taylor says she enjoyed working for a product loved by New Zealanders. “I love FMCG products, they are often the closest to people’s hearts without even realising it. This is a great opportunity to build on the charm that already exists for the Beehive brand.”

The Beehive team say it is a trusted bacon brand and it made sense to bring in a range of fresh, pre-cooked sausages.

“This is an exciting time for the business as we launch into a new category and start to really invest in the Beehive brand to drive stronger brand awareness and connection with our consumers,” says Beehive general manager Dene McKay. “We want to truly capture the hearts and minds of Kiwis and really cement our position as a much loved brand in New Zealand.”


Account Service: Timothy Brown

Planner: Dean Taylor

ECD: Bridget Taylor

Art Director: Avril Durkan

Copywriter: Claire Herselman

Retoucher: Mike MacKinven

Typography: Musonda Katongo

Photography: Visual Chocolate

Production: Sean Collier

Media Director: Ryan Jordan

Media Planner: Ariane van den Berg-Smith

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