A history lesson or an ad?

Content marketing is becoming increasingly creative and has garnered some attention on the StopPress newsfeed lately, so we thought we would share a piece that came to our attention in a StopPress comment by The Goat Farm creative director Vaughn Davis, about a beautiful multimedia article for Christie’s auction house. 

Last year Christie’s auction house in London created an interactive documentary presentation about the discovery and reconstruction of a Submarine Spitfire P9374 to peak the interest of bidders.

To mark last the 75th anniversary of the Battle of France and the Battle of Britain an auction was held for the plane and rather than a classic catalogue listing, it opted for a multimedia article, which is just as interesting to watch as it is to read, with five videos, four moving images and photographs, both old and new, serving to entertain potential buyers while providing them with all they need to know about the plane.

The piece is set out in chapters, allowing for the story to be told from the initial discovery of the plane to its identification and history before giving an account of the restoration.

Marking the documentary’s move from the past to the present, as the audience scrolls over the ‘Restoration’ title, the background image changes from black and white to colour.

To intrigue both the buyers and non buyers, the significance of the Spitfire’s story comes through in one of the videos when engineer Martin Overall says it has taken 12 men three years to reconstruct the plane, whereas in the height of the war Spitfires were made in only a week.

Overall’s interview gives the the audience a true appreciation for the scale of the task and the research required to make a genuine reconstruction.

The interactive article can be viewed here.

Other brands letting the creative juices flow in content marketing include:

Saucony, a running shoe and apparel brand, with a YouTube channel featuring ‘Seeker Stories’. The entertaining series follows runners to see what they are seeking from a run.

Microsoft has shown its story telling skills with a blog called Stories.

RedBull is also big on the trend, getting amongst it by sharing videos of its sponsored sports stars. Even those not interested in the sport will enjoy the visuals.


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