Bauer gives Bowie fans something to hold onto

Last week’s passing of David Bowie revealed how popular the star was across generations, with tributes streaming in on every social media channel.

This outpouring of emotion got Bauer’s custom publishing team thinking that it presented an opportunity to give local Bowie fans something tangible to remember the legend.

And this week, the publisher announced the release of a special magazine filled entirely with rare photography of Bowie taken over the course of his life.

Bauer’s Brendon Hill, publisher of the premium titles, women’s lifestyle and specialist and custom brands, says the company want to give a souvenir to local fans that they can keep in their homes.

Hill says the online hype surrounding the publication provided a clear indication that fans will be drawn to a publication like this, and he says this has also been reflected in the Bauer offices.     

“I did a bit of a poll in the office on whether we should do the magazine or not, and we quickly realised how much appeal Bowie had across ages.”

Hill says that while there are many tributes available online, the tangible nature of magazine is likely to appeal to many Kiwis.

Deciding to take the print route did however create a few logistical issues in that the magazine had to be produced very quickly.

Hill says Bauer approached a content partner in the UK, who then sent through the material used in the publication.

“We had it at the printers by Thursday morning, so we turned it around very quickly,” Hill says.

This isn’t the only time Bauer has turned around a magazine so fast. Following the birth of the royal baby in 2013, Bauer made Woman’s Day available in Auckland only six hours after the first pictures of the baby came through.

Hill says initiatives like these illustrate that it’s possible to be fast and topical in print and that Bauer will be looking to do more of this in the future.

The Bowie Starman publication is available in supermarkets for $9.99.  

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