Back of a Napkin gets lawyers closer to startups

Lawyers are scary, especially for startups looking to make their first steps into the shark-eat-shark world of business. Everyone is either Atticus Finch, destroying juries with their personal convictions or Denny Crane, melting away arguments with pure charm. Advertising law services to this potentially lucrative segment needs a bit of outside the box thinking, or in the case of law firm Buddle Findlay – a bit of on the napkin creativity.

The New Zealand firm has launched a simplistic tool for startups to get their business off the ground legally, called Back of a Napkin. It asks for the fledgling business’ name, owners and their stakes in the new company. The user can also choose how decisions in the business are made and what happens if things go sour.

The web tool then spits out a boilerplate for the concerned parties to sign, a legal document to help the business get started on its way to success.

Back of a Napkin’s aim is to associate Buddle Findlay with the startup community. Once the boilerplate is downloaded the user is shown links to blog posts by the firm’s lawyers on topics such as incorporating a company and told how they can seek advice from them. 

All in all, creating a web app to attract creators of web apps seems like a no brainer.



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