iSite addresses outdoor fear in quirky B2B spot

According to a new promotional video clip released by iSite Media via The Business, people in the New Zealand media industry, particularly those in the decision-making positions, are currently afflicted by an epidemic of agoraphobia, an irrational fear of open spaces that often precludes sufferers from going outside. 

The almost four-minute-long clip kicks off by depicting four high-ranking industry players—Dentsu Aegis chief executive Robert Harvey, OMD general manager Zac Stephenson, Mediacom general manager Nikki Stevens and PHD media director Lee-Ann Morris—each undergoing the struggles that come with the condition.

And despite staring out windows, reading recovery books and medicating with colourful pills, none of the afflicted seem to have any respite from their suffering.               

Fortunately, at least according to the tongue-in-cheek clip, iSite’s ‘reach and frequency’ offering provides at least some motivation for people to leave their offices.

‘Reach and frequency’ is the latest development in iSite Media’s continued drive to provide more accurate measurement for the effectiveness and reach of bus-based advertisements. 

“We used to be able to tell you the total number of times a campaign could be seen, now we can tell you how many people can see a campaign and how often,” Rupert Fenton, iSite Media’s head of freshness, told StopPress upon the release of the new tool

‘Reach and frequency’ uses data from the New Zealand census alongside credit and debit data to plan campaigns that are highly targeted to a company’s audience, and to people spending money in its category.

To achieve this targeting, iSite Media mapped out the bus routes across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch then overlaid council road data, Fenton explained. 

“From this we could work out many people can see a bus. Using census data, credit and debit card data lets us know who is more likely to be in that car,” said Fenton. “This data has been fed into a complex model created by Datamine.” 

As illustrated by Fenton’s job title, the team at iSite is partial to the quirkier side of life and this is also reflected in their approach to B2B advertising.

The latest clip follows on from iSite’s elaborate spy-themed spot for its ‘highly targeted outdoor’ campaign, which was also developed by The Business and featured several industry players embracing the thespian art.         

In addition to the video clip for the ‘highly targeted outdoor’ campaign, the team at iSite also commissioned some sharp shooters to put bullets through the actual print ads that were placed into the September/October edition of NZ Marketing in 2013.    

And given that this slightly offbeat approach seems to be working for the company, which picked up TVNZ-NZ Marketing Award last year, the team here at StopPress is curious about what will come next from the head of freshness and his band of outdoor enthusiasts.   

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