Attack of the drones: Mini’s Carmonica starts humming along online

Mini’s advertising has been consistently good in recent years, both here and overseas, and it’s undoubtedly one of the automotive industry’s most innovative brands. In New Zealand, DraftFCB’s creative and media strategy during the Soho campaign was top notch and the experiment to get rid of car yards and see if people would buy new cars online was a particularly brave retail strategy (although the MINI Garage on Ponsonby Road does look suspiciously like a car yard). Well, now it’s got another hit on its hands with the Carmonica. Youtube Video

The idea was to attach 300 harmonicas to a Mini Clubman, both to see what would happen and also to push the fact that buyers are able to customise the cars in millions of different ways. The harmonicas were positioned with airflow (and safety) in mind, using a heat resistant adhesive and a protective veneer for the paintwork, and the car was also used as a test drive vehicle for Mini prospects.

The mini-site is now live, replete with the viral spot directed by Nic Finlayson of Finch Company and an online hook that gives users the chance to make (and share) their own music video and customise their own Mini.

“We are getting a bit of interest with Carmonica and it’s starting to go viral as of this morning, with lots of coverage mostly from automotive blogs [like Autoblog],” says Chris Schofield, DraftFCB’s creative director.

Top Gear UK has already filmed a piece on the car, which is set to screen this year during Season 16, and Nightline followed its horrible drone in the key of G around town earlier this year.

Youtube Video

While we’re at it, check out some recent Mini ads that have tickled our fancy.

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

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