Attack of the follow-ups: Charlie’s, Unitec and Fly Buys

We’re fans of Charlie’s ‘Mission from Good’, Unitec’s ‘We make the people who make it‘ and Fly Buys ‘Every time you swipe something a little bit good happens‘. And they just keep on giving. 



When we spoke with Charlie’s marketing manager Jo Mitchell about the ‘Mission from Good’ campaign, she said the brand didn’t need to be on TV and that experiential, in combination with print and outdoor, worked best. And, as part of its mission, it set up orchards in the middle of Wellington and Auckland and let the slightly befuddled passersby go at it. 


Unitec got plenty of mileage out of its latest campaign, partly due to some smart media partnerships and campaign extensions. And one of the best of them, the George FM uber DJ booth, was launched last week at Unitec’s annual Grad Fest on 29 November, with George FM’s Nick D and Dean Campbell, along with Loui the ZU (the musician behind the song featured in the TVC and downloadable track), all performing on the booth. 

“This partnership was established to connect our students and staff with George FM listeners, demonstrate the skills that our students have, the range of projects they get involved with and promote a sense of ownership of the campaign within the trade industry,” said Unitec’s director of corporate relations Darren Horsman. “Being George FM, all activity needed to be delivered in a fun, engaging, relevant way to provide opportunities for interaction and conversation.”

And rounding off the follow-ups, Fly Buys’ Swipe & Delight Adshel campaign has had such a massive response from the public that it’s decided to carry it on and is putting up a Christmas themed number on Queen Street until 31 December. In a similar fashion to the gumball, bubble and fountain Adshels, Fly Buys members swipe their cards and the Adshel lights up, plays music and swirls snow around like a snow globe. 



Fly Buys has also decided to move the bubble Adshel from Auckland to Wellington’s Cuba Street until 16 December, and move the gumball billboard from Wellington Airport (Fly Buys went through 36,000 gumballs, all of them purchased from The Really Good Shop, a small rural general store in Te Kopuru that specialises in lollies) to the Palms Shopping Mall in Christchurch until 31 December. 

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