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The crews that assist touring musos are called roadies for good reason—they tend to spend a lot of time on the tarmac moving from one destination to the next. And during these long days on the road, band managers and promoters affiliated with the musicians need to be one step ahead, in the sense that they have to ensure that there’s an audience at the next destination. And while this might be easier for major musicians that have audiences included with just about every venue on earth, the same cannot be said of the up-and-comers who have no guarantee of cheering masses. 

So, in an effort to rectify this problem, Julien Mitelberg and his team have developed Bandsintown Manager, an app that makes it easier for artists and managers to promote upcoming gigs.

The Bandsintown brand was originally established in 2007 as a Facebook group called Artist Platform. In 2009, the company rebranded itself under the Bandsintown banner, before releasing the first in a series of apps in 2011. 

Brandsintown Manager is the latest app released by the company, and it has a redesigned interface that comes with a range of new features.

According to the Bandsintown website, the app enables users to:

  • create Facebook events for all upcoming shows and display them on a Tour Dates tab on your Facebook Page for fans to RSVP, comment and share;
  • create geo-targeted newsfeed posts that reach Facebook and Twitter fans throughout an entire tour, from presale to opening night;
  • manage multiple artists from a single mobile dashboard;
  • receive notifications to approve pending tour dates imported from a third party source;
  • get key insights and statistics about fans;
  • message fans who have confirmed their attendance to a show with targeted push notifications; and
  • browse concert photos and videos of a show posted by fans on Bandsintown and Instagram.

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