Alternative to the alternative music channel

MediaWorks TV is launching an alternative music channel, C42, to compete against its alternative music channel, C4. It will launch on May 1st on Freeview’s Channel 9 to coincide with NZ Music Month. It’s promising 30 percent local content and will feature no hosts, just the music, ma’am.

MediaWorks TV network executive, Andrew Szusterman says the channel will play everything from ‘The Clash’ through to ‘The Clean’, while also highlighting more current  talent like ‘Vampire Weekend’ and our own ‘The Naked and Famous’.
The official blah from the company says:

An arrangement between MediaWorks and PPNZ will ensure videos and artists represented by IMNZ (the New Zealand trade body for independent record labels and distributors) represent a larger portion of the playlist.

C42 is a brand extension of C4 which has extended beyond its music channel origins to become a general youth entertainment channel.
C42 goes LIVE to air exclusively on Freeview Channel 9 (6am) on May 1st, 2010.
C42 joins the Freeview platform as the second exclusive channel for MediaWorks, after the launch of TV3 plus 1 in March 2009.
The Freeview platform will have TV3, C4, TV3 plus 1, C42 and George FM from the MediaWorks’ stable.

Vampire Weekend bloods new channel

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