Look who’s coming to dinner

First McDonald’s was deemed healthy, with a world first endorsement from Weight Watchers in New Zealand. And now its fine dinner fare is set to come in family size.

The nation’s largest restaurant chain has launched three new product bundles targeting the family and group dinner market in response to increasing consumer demand for value and convenience and as a challenge to market dominance in that space from chicken buckets, family pizza deals and fish and chips.

Recent research revealed an estimated 72 per cent of quick service restaurant dinners are consumed in the home, prompting McDonald’s to introduce the new product range, which will be available as a permanent menu item (from 5pm-11pm) and claims to offer up to 40 percent off standard menu prices.

Mark Hawthorne, managing director of McDonald’s New Zealand, says the introduction of the new family dinner box products is a sign of continued growth. He says McDonalds is already number one in New Zealand when it comes to breakfast and lunch, so all that stands between it and total meal domination is dinner.

He says this move will drive competition in the market and that means fast food aficionados will have more choice, get better value and presumably become morbidly obese more quickly.

The McDonald’s Family Dinner Box options have been well received in Australia, with strong sales. And, with 50 percent of the one million meals served by McDonald’s in New Zealand every week being handed out the Drive Thru window, transportation of the big feeds shouldn’t be an issue.

“We anticipate that New Zealanders will share the Aussie’s enthusiasm for more choice, convenience and value when it comes to dinner,” he says. “We’re meeting the consumer demand head on and making the evening meal easier and better value than ever before.”

Added to that, the packaging is fully recyclable and compostable and the raw materials used to make the paper in the packaging meet Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for mixed sources.

If you’re particularly ravenous, you can check out the new deals on offer here.

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