All clogged up: Resn goes Dutch with new Amsterdam office

The digital boffins/idiot savants at Resn in Wellington work for one of the rare few Kiwi companies that can claim to be based in New Zealand and do work for big brands all around the world. But now, after what they say was a formal approach from the EU to “help bail them out of their fiscal conundrum”, Resn has decided to go global and set up its first satellite office in Amsterdam.

Managing director Rikki Campbell is moving to Amsterdam to deal with the economic meltdown while continuing to deliver the highest quality interactive experiences to the greater global village. Andrew Allen, ex Droga5 producer, is also joining the fray, as are two of its Wellington-based designers, Franco Cheetham and Cameron Askin.

“In technically interactive terms, if Resn Wellington is a website, then Resn Amsterdam is a banner ad,” says Campbell.

This is definitely a picture of Resn's new office

With more international clients coming on board, the primary goal of the new outpost is to bring the Resn approach of “creating narratively rich experiential content and style to even more interactive media projects ranging from event and store installations, the mobile web and applications, games, interactive narratives and films, along with high end social network and browser-driven experiences for brands and agencies across the Northern hemisphere”.

“There’s an understandable lack of willingness in Wellington to stay up late for work, this is especially true on a work night, making for a kind of twisty-turny paradox,” he says.

But it’s also about the live sex shows, animal tranquilisers, apple sauce, or any combination of the three,  he says.

Given the issues many digital shops have finding and keeping good staff, Campbell says the Amsterdam office will also be a nice dangling carrot that might help retain talent within the company.

As a serendipitous aside the new branch will keep an environmentally conscious Resn’s carbon footprint to a minimum.

“With more work coming in from Europe than ever before the environmental cost of delivering our experiences to clients was troubling. Now I will be able to hand websites over personally via our new company USB stick.”

Asked what exactly Resn Amsterdam’s strategy was for revitalising the European economy, Campbell was suitably cryptic.

“It will probably have something to do with JavaScript I suspect, or C++… any of the C’s.”

Resn has done some amazing work for Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi LA with Sponsafier and, more recently, the Camry Effect, which launched during the Super Bowl, and it’s also worked on Domino’s in the US, the MySpace redesign, Puma Africa, and VB Profile Interventions with Droga5 Sydney.

It’s also dabbled with its own creative online experiments with Rhizopods and Threaded.

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