Activewear, activewear: Air New Zealand staff in their activewear—UPDATED

Air New Zealand has been pretty active lately, (with ‘active’ being the keyword here) releasing a couple of promotional videos in the lead up to the Air New Zealand Hawke’s Bay International Marathon this weekend, with one featuring Air New Zealand flight attendants in their activewear, creating a parody of a parody. The airline has also released a few videos of New Zealand sporting heroes on its dedicated ‘Where to next’ online hub.

The Air New Zealand ‘Activewear’ video has flight attendants doing their usual jobs but outdoors in their activewear, for example “Pointing out your exists in my ativewear”. The funny clip is a take on the viral ‘Activewear’ video released last year by Skit Box.

The clip ends with a message for those attending the Air New Zealand Hawke’s Bay International Marathon to look out for the trolley runners, aka Air NZ flight attendants who will be on the course in their Activewear, according to Air New Zealand’s YouTube channel.

“We’ve decked out our trolley, now we need some actively active flight attendants …”

Another longer video, dubbed ‘Pimp my trolley’ has a couple of engineers pimping aeroplane trolleys. Giving them a paint job and some big, sturdy tyres, with the clip again ending with the message for attendees to look out for the trolley runners.

The airline has also released videos of our “sporting heroes” in a campaign called ‘#great mates’ on its dedicated ‘Where to next’ hub.

The videos feature Air NZ staff hanging out with the athletes, promoting them in the lead up to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games beginning in August. In one clip a baking session is had in Valerie Adam’s kitchen, and in another a staff member plays bowls with Lisa Carrington, among others. There are also ‘Where to next’ interviews with each of the athletes.

The clips are believed to be by True. StopPress has contacted the agency and is awaiting a response.

Update: A spokesperson from Air New Zealand has confirmed that the Great Mates campaign was developed by True, while the sponsorship campaign for the Hawke’s Bay Marathon was developed by the in-house social media and sponsorship teams and produced by Reel Factory. 

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