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Who it’s for: CAANZ Axis awards and the celebration of 30 years of creativity in New Zealand.

Why we like it: Technically, it’s not a TVC. It was a spot that kicked off the CAANZ Axis awards last week. But it’s bloody brilliant and we love loopholes, so we’ll make an exception. Overall, an outstanding compendium of the last three decades in Kiwi advertising and many of the industry’s well-known characters, both fictional and non-fictional, condensed into three very entertaining minutes.

Youtube Video

And the Rugby World Cup TVC has just been released. It’s your quintessential big rugby event ad, really: fairly cheesy, filled with slow motion emotion, excited spectators, fireworks, stunning athleticism, bloodied bandages, big hits and, of course, a few war dances. Should sit well with the relatively conservative rugby crowd who, for some inexplicable reason, seem to like The Feelers. StopPress finds itself sitting somewhere between the feeling of spine-tingling excitement and being sick in our own mouth. It’s a strange sensation.

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